Will Ronaldo play against Ajax? The probability is less than 50%

Cristiano Ronaldo is optimistic that he will participate in the first quarterfinals Ajax in the Champions League on April 10, even a lean status in social networks: “Ajax, I Come!”. But this optimism may be a bit hasty.

According to the newspaper “Tutosport”, the medical staff of the “bianconers” will not risk the health of his most expensive star, and he will appear on the pitch in the first match with the Dutch only if he is fully rebuilt. So far, he is ready for the match under 50%, and the likelihood of appearing in the game at that moment is estimated.


But the Portuguese shows that he is stubborn to pain and set a goal, doing absolutely everything to fulfill it. He trains twice a day between physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions. Ronaldo is also doing swimming in the pool to increase his stamina and at the same time reduce the load on the injured spot.

It is clear for now that he will not play in the two Serie A matches until April 10 against Cagliari and Milan. And despite all of his efforts, it seems more likely that Juve will keep him on a payback a week later, where he will be able to run completely healthy.