Valencia reactivated Denis Cheryshev

Valencia has reactivated the option Cheryshev after considering ‘unviable economically’ the signing of Barcelonista Denis Suarez under current conditions. Although the Galician footballer had accepted a substantial reduction of his record to be signed by Valencia, the Mestalla club qualifies as unapproachable the 15 million euros of transfer requested by Barcelona. The option of Denis Cheryshev, who has been on loan this season at Valencia, also has the approval of Marcelino and is much cheaper. After Mateu Alemany missed the deadline to execute the purchase option of the Russian footballer, more than 7 million euros, to qualify for Champions, the submarine is willing to negotiate the transfer around 5 million, according to Mediterranean de Castellon.

Valencia was testing the possibility of signing Denis Suárez for two seasons. He is a player who is very fond of Marcelino – four years younger than Cheryshev – whom he knows about his time at Villarreal. For Denis Suárez the possibility of returning to place himself under the orders of the Asturian coach had even led him to accept a reduction in salary that he had insured in the two remaining seasons of contract at Barcelona. “Marcelino is the coach who in my entire sports career managed to get the best out of me in a field of play,” Denis Suárez has said several times this summer, he saw in Valencia the destination in which he could once again show his better version after two seasons with few options. In fact, for the Galician footballer his priority to this day was still Valencia

And that Celta offers better conditions to Denis Suarez, but worse than Barcelona. And in that tug-of-war is where Valencia has reactivated the Cheryshev road. Villarreal is also interested in getting rid of a player since he was on loan last year and with one of the highest cards of the squad. After 41 games and 4 goals scored, Cheryshev has lived in Valencia his best season in Primera and wants to continue in Mestalla.