Inter dived in the Top 4 and fired Frosinone into the abyss


Inter took a tremendous step forward to secure the Top 4 spot for the next season. The Nerazzurri won 3: 1 in their visit to Frosinone and have a comfortable advance in the Champions League. Their rival is almost certain to fall.

Raja Ningolan and Ivan Perisic of the penalty kick gave a comfortable advance to the guests before the break before Francesco Casas to return the intrigue with his goal for the hosts just over an hour after the match. In the sequel, however, Matthias Vesino formed the success for his team and stamped the three points.

The game started with Inter’s expected pressure, but the goal fell only after 19 minutes. Then Daniello d’Ambroseo made a great save on the right, but Raja Ningolanan was slow to keep up with the play and was unable to make it into the penalty box to make it 1 –

Just five minutes later, Luca Paganini could restore the intrigue to the full extent and equalize for Frosinone, but his head shot passed centimeters above the door. Thus, the advance of the Milan Grand Prix remained intact.

Raja Ningolang could have scored a second goal 28 minutes into the game, but his shot was blocked by the keeper. But in practice the intrigue died at 35 minutes when Inter received a penalty. Then Raman Chibsa was holding a rival, and 11-meter Ivan Perissic was relegated to 2-0.

Until the break, the lead of the Nerazzurri could be classical, but Mateo Politano could not overcome the goalkeeper. So the half finished with two clear goal draws of the guests from Milan. Which, however, does not completely deprive the intrigue of the second part.

About an hour after the start of the game the hosts managed to return to the match. Then Daniel Ciofani found Francesco Cassa with a good pass and his powerful shot did not leave the guests the chance to reduce to 1: 2.

But Inter did not allow surprises until the end. On the contrary, the team was attacking more often, looking for the hit, but Mauro Ikardi twice missed great stories. Ultimately, this search for a hit resulted in the final minute of the sequel when Matthias Vesino scored and put a point of the dispute.

After this defeat, the “Nerazzurri” gathered 60 points, five in front of Milan’s rival Milan and six in front of the fifth Roma. Frosinone has 23 points and is on eight of the rescue shore, the last of which is Bologna at this point.