De Hea wants guarantees to renew his contract with Manchester United


David de Hea’s contract with Manchester United expires in the summer of 2020 and is not yet upgraded.

It is said that Manchester United is likely to sell the Spanish goalkeeper this summer so he will not let him go without money next season.

De Hea seems willing to renew his contract with the Reds, but wants guarantees, the Daily Mail reports. They go in two directions. The first is financial, and the second one is sports. As for the economic part, De Haea wants a £ 350k pay per week, which the club has not yet wanted to offer to the 28-year-old goalkeeper. In any case, the Reds will have to reach an agreement with him about his remuneration.

From a sports standpoint, De Hea wants to get guarantees that Manchester United will have a team next season to fight for the Premier League title.

The goalkeeper has expressed his concern about Manchester United’s sports management and wants to be sure that the Reds will be able to fight for the Premier League title before signing a new contract.

De Saint Héa has a very strong interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid.

However, it is believed that the 28-year-old goalkeeper would have preferred to stay in the Premier League.