Cristiano leads Juventus to its eighth consecutive Scudetto

The Juventus of Turin recovered the smile after the elimination of Champions obtaining its eighth consecutive Scudetto. The Allegri came back after a bad first part before a cheeky Fiorentina that ended up dying and that seriously threatened the local triumph. It was a move by Cristiano that ended with a goal on his own that ended up unclogging the great dominator of the last decade in the Italian Calcio.
Juve began with the expected thrust and with desire to pour down the ghosts of Champions as soon as possible. Two centers lateral to Cristiano that quickly were countered by Milenkovic in the other area. The Serbian silenced the Turin parish with his five minutes when he picked up a rebound a few meters from the goal line.
From that moment, those of Allegri were diluted like sugar and the panorama could be worse. The Montella were loose, playing with rival anxiety and without complexes before a team that was limited to looking for a Cristiano who was locked in the cage of the rival defense. Chiesa gave volume to the whistles of Juventus Stadium sending a ball to the wood that made ridiculous, again, behind the Turin. However, the reigning champion found the prize in a header from Álex Sandro half a meter from the ground when he came out of a corner.


Maybe they did not deserve it, but the big ones have this. Even with those, the Fiore did not wrinkle and returned to put the fear in the body to the premises. Once again Chiesa, who was at home throughout the first half between Rugani and Bonucci, took a tremendous kick that spat out the crossbar before going to the dressing room amid the discontent of the local fans. In the second act, the Vecchia Signora came out ready to put an end to doubts, and soon tranquility came.
He was Cristiano, the same as always, the savior. He did not score, but he started with a shot from the right, breaking all the defense and putting a poisoned ball that Pezzella ended up scoring in his goal. Since then, the team was another. No fanfare, no brilliance, but giving signs of reliability for the first time in the whole shock.
The Montella team went out at the same time that Juve settled down and numbed the game until the final outbreak that ended up crowning him, again, as a league champion. Again, on the back of a Cristiano who already has three domestic championships of three different leagues. Maybe I know a little after the European bump, but the merit of this Juve is above all doubt. They are legend.