Champions League: Manchester City kneels down in Tottenham

Very good performance of Tottenham Hotspur against Manchester City on Tuesday 9 April in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League. Despite a whistled penalty kick and Harry Kane’s injury, the Londoners won at home (1-0). To dream again to a historic quintuple, City will have to sublimate the return match on April 17.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the new stadium of the club of the same name, had a beautiful first European night. Many times repulsed, the official inauguration of the enclosure took place on April 3rd. And this Tuesday, April 9, was held the first game of European Cup in the garden of the Spurs. And some 62,000 spectators in the stands were able to vibrate with, ultimately, the victory of Tottenham against Manchester City, in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League 2018-2019 (1-0).
his 100% English shock started with a cold shower for the Spurs. In the 12th minute of the game, referee Björn Kuipers used the video to review an action on Tottenham’s surface and ruled that Danny Rose’s involuntary hand on Raheem Sterling’s shot was entitled to a penalty from Manchester City.

Except that in the cage of Tottenham, there is a certain Hugo Lloris. And if the French goalkeeper can make mistakes that deserve to be criticized, he succeeds very well in a field recently: shots on goal. This year, he has already rejected that of Jamie Vardy in a match against Leicester (3-1) and that of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the London derby against Arsenal (1-1). Sergio Aguero, the top scorer in Manchester City history, was not so lucky. The Argentine saw his shot countered by the captain of Tottenham, once again decisive on it.

In this quarter-final chopped and quite poor in opportunities, the champions of England have held the ball more but without managing to dominate the Londoners. Tottenham suffered an extra blow when his striker Harry Kane, hit right ankle, had to give up his place to Lucas Moura before the hour of play. But while this game was heading for a draw, His Heung-Min made his audience capsize.

It was believed that the South Korean had failed by controlling his balloon badly and off-center. But he prevented the leather from out of bounds, and after relocating, the attacking midfielder shot Ederson at close range (78th). The City goalkeeper was not as strong as usual on that one. To the delight of Tottenham, winner on the smallest of the scores.


Undefeated for more than two months before this Tuesday night, the Skyblues see their dream of fivefold take the lead in the wing. They already have in their pocket the Community Shield and the League Cup, they must soon play the final of the Cup against Watford. But Liverpool holds them high for the Premier League title. And here Manchester City forced to overthrow Tottenham in the quarter-final return of the Champions League, scheduled Wednesday, April 17.